Practice Areas

Estate Planning

  •  Because each client’s situation is unique, the estate plan for each client is unique to him or her.  We will sit down together to discuss your situation and your goals to put together the best plan for you.

Estate Administration


  • If you are handling the estate for someone who has died, you might find that it can be a very overwhelming and frustrating process.  We can work together to ensure that you handle the estate as the documents dictate, or if there are no documents, as the law dictates.
  • Or, you might find that you are named as a beneficiary of a Will and feel that the Executor is not handling the assets in the manner that the Will provides.  We can discuss your rights as a beneficiary and take appropriate action, including litigation, if necessary.

Trust Administration


  • Whether you are the Trustee that is named to administer the Trust or you are a beneficiary that is entitled to money or assets under the Trust, Ms. Tuck can assist you with interpreting the language of the Trust and explaining the law as it applies to the Trust.

Estate and Trust Litigation


  • Because most disputes that arise in the areas of Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Trust Administration involve family members, we will first explore any options available that will allow the conflict to be handled within the family.  However, there are times that court intervention is mandatory or that litigation is unavoidable.  Ms. Tuck has experience with various types of litigation including aid and guidance suits, will contests, and actions to remove or compel a Trustee, Executor, or agent.

General Civil Law and Litigation


  • The Law Office of Lisa M. Tuck, PLLC also represents clients various general legal matters.

 If you would like to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to call or email the Law Office of Lisa M. Tuck, PLLC to discuss.